My Sweet Son

Monkey went shoe shopping with his father last night and DH had an awesome story for me when they arrived home.  The store DH took Monkey to has a recycle bin for old sneakers.  DH told Monkey now that he’s found his new shoes, he can put his old ones into the bin.  So DH … More My Sweet Son

Princess says …

The Princess is now three. And very vocal, sometimes bossy and relentless, but always very cute. She’s three after all. Here are some things she has said recently which I want to remember when I get old and can’t remember anything. “You are old. I need a new mommy” — this is one I’m not … More Princess says …

Empty box

In the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the main character has a box of travel brochures and souvenirs, her publisher and best friend’s box was of baby clothes. I don’t have a box. Unless you count the box of fabric swatches I’ve stored away for ages. So what does that mean? I’m supposed to live a … More Empty box

Not so bad

We recently purchased Wreck it Ralph. At first glance, it’s just a play on various video games from the early eighties onward. But if you watch await and listen carefully, it is really a message for parents. The line which affects me most is at the end, “I don’t need a medal to tell me … More Not so bad